Accessories and Sundry

The Foam & Rubber Store is your one-stop shop for all those hard-to-find accessories and rubber items that can make or break your project. We stock a wide range of assorted grommets, tips, plugs and widgets that have many uses in the home or business, as well as automotive purposes.

Webbing, Shock Cord and Accessories

You’ll find nylon webbing in two sizes, along with accessories such as buckles and sliders, as well as three sizes of shock cord, plus accessories. Both are available by the metre or in standard coils of 25 metres and 100 metres respectively.

  • Nylon webbing
  • Buckles, sliders, hooks, ladder locks
  • Shock cord
  • Connectors, splice clips, hooks, anchors
  • Barrier cord
  • Velcro tape

Rubber Grommets and Body Plugs

It’s sometimes hard to find the right sized grommets and body plugs (also known as blind or blanking grommets) but we stock a large range of different types and sizes for your convenience.

  • Standard grommet
  • Top hat grommet
  • Sky dome grommet
  • Water cylinder grommet
  • 6-51mm body plugs

Tips and Plugs

We have a range of round, square and rectangular nylon tips and plugs, as well as rubber tips and plugs for a large variety of domestic, commercial, and automotive uses.

  • Nylon round tips and plugs
  • Nylon square tips and plugs
  • Nylon rectangle plugs
  • Crutch and stick tips
  • Rubber tips and plugs
  • Rubber rounded tips
  • Petrol tank caps

Rubber Widgets

The Foam & Rubber Store stocks an amazing array of rubber items for use around the home and industry, as well as a range of versatile shoe soles and heels.

  • Rope tensioner
  • Rubber castor cups
  • Rubber door stops
  • Seta buffer
  • Pin buffer
  • Tap adaptor
  • Fowl plucker
  • Rubber bungs
  • Shoe soles and heels
  • Rubber hand grips

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