Rubber and Sponge

Rubber and sponge products have thousands of uses in the home and car, as well as for commercial applications, and the Foam & Rubber Store has a large range for all uses.

Rubber Strip and Sheet

Durable and versatile rubber strip and sheet is sold by the metre or in a standard coil length of 10 metres.

  • Natural insertion rubber strip
  • EPDM rubber strip
  • Neoprene rubber strip
  • Nitrile rubber strip

Off the Roll Material

In various colours and cut to size, off-the-roll PVC, polyester, vinyl and polythene is used in many domestic and commercial applications.

  • Clear PVC sheet
  • Non-slip sheet
  • Marine vinyl
  • Polythene

Automotive Trims and Seals

For all your vehicle restorations and repairs we stock a wide range of trims and seals to help you complete your project.

  • Clip on seal
  • Universal auto seal
  • Fenderwelt piping
  • Tank strap
  • Window flocking

Sponge Strips

We carry a range of sponge strips and self-adhesive sponge, sold by the metre or by the coil, for many uses around the home or business.

  • EPDM sponge strip
  • Self-adhesive sponge and EPDM strip
  • Nitrile/PVC/neo blend strip
  • PVC medium recovery strip
  • Polyethylene strip
  • Neoprene strip

Hose and Tubing

At the Foam & Rubber Store we stock a range of hoses for automotive use, as well as PVC, rubber, and silicon tubing, hose joiners and clips in different sizes.

  • Fuel line
  • Solvent tube
  • Vacuum hose
  • Heater hose
  • Radiator hose
  • Reinforced PVC hose
  • Nontoxic PVC hose
  • Silicone tube
  • PVC superwash
  • PVC layflat hose
  • PVC ducting hose
  • PVC LPG tube
  • Gas tube
  • Hose joiners
  • Hose clips

Weather and Glazing Strip

Our weather strip is made from natural rubber and can resist temperatures up to 85°C. It’s sold by the metre or as a standard 15 metre coil. Our glazing strip can withstand temperatures up to 120°C, and is also sold by the metre, or 15 metre coil.

  • Filler strip
  • Caravan strip
  • Universal strip
  • Glazing strip

Channel Strip

We stock a wide selection of channel strip made from hard-wearing EPDM rubber in increments of 1 metre or a standard coil length of 20 metres.

  • Various size and shaped channel strip

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