At the Foam and Rubber Store we stock a large range of foam products for every requirement. From mattress, custom-cut foam in any size or shape, to foam tubes for a myriad of uses, we have it all.

Cut foam

You can purchase our cut foam by the square metre or in full sheets. We stock a range of types and thicknesses which can be custom cut to suit your needs.

  • Seating/cushion foam
  • Acoustic foam
  • Filter foam
  • Foam skins
  • Packaging foam
  • Memory foam
  • Light to heavy duty foam

Closed cell foam sheet and tube

Available in various thicknesses, sizes and colours, we stock a large selection of closed cell foam sheeting and tubes for domestic and commercial uses. Many can also be cut to size upon request.

  • EVA sheet and roll
  • Neoprene sponge sheet/tube
  • Surf grip
  • Cockpit cushion
  • PE Foam roller/tube
  • Centurylon tube
  • Goal post protectors

Mattresses and Topper pads

All our New Zealand-made polyurethane foam mattresses come with covers and are available in various sizes in standard or premium heavy duty. Our uncovered squabs are made from light-grade foam, and mattress overlays come in elephant foam or plain-cut dream foam.

  • Bunk to King size mattresses
  • Cot mattresses
  • Camp rolls
  • Mattress toppers and overlay

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